Victoria Borwick

Victoria Borwick’s career trajectory is an inspiring tapestry of high-impact leadership in both the business and political worlds. With over two decades of foundational experience in the business sector, she transitioned to politics, driven by a passion for public service.

Business Leadership: Victoria’s corporate journey began with her role as Director of a subsidiary of the P&O Group. With twenty years under her belt in this senior capacity, she garnered invaluable insights and experiences that would later shape her political ventures.

Political Journey: Her political career took root in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, where she dedicated herself to various roles. She served on planning, family, and children’s services and was also the Chairman of Borough Community Relations, ensuring robust stakeholder engagement.

In 2008, Victoria’s commitment to public service was further solidified when she was elected to the Greater London Authority (GLA). Her tenure in the GLA was marked by influential positions: she served on the Metropolitan Police Authority, chaired the Civil Liberties Panel, and became an integral member of the Olympics Security team, advising the Home Secretary on ensuring the UK’s safety during the Olympics.

Transport for London greatly benefited from her involvement, as she worked ardently on significant improvements such as the introduction of the orbital overground trains, Crossrail, and the shift to cashless ticketing systems.

Victoria’s leadership prowess was further recognized in 2012 when she became the Deputy Mayor of London. In this role, she was a core member of the senior team planning the Olympics. Additionally, she worked assiduously to bring the Mayor’s plans for London to fruition, focusing on pillars such as housing, transport, crime reduction, and representing the Mayor on the London Health Commission.

Her leadership journey did not stop there. Victoria became the Member of Parliament for Kensington until 2017, and her passion for science and technology was evident when she was elected to the Science and Technology Committee. Recognizing the intricacies of parliamentary processes, she has since channeled her experience to guide and support others in navigating the political system and liaising effectively with select committees.

Current Endeavors: Victoria currently chairs the Thames Estuary Partnership, a role which allows her to bridge various organizations associated with the Thames. Under her leadership, economic, environmental, educational, and ESG agendas are harmonized to ensure a collective and impactful effort. Additionally, she serves as the Chairman of VisitEngland, further emphasizing her dedication to enhancing the country’s tourism and heritage sectors.

Heritage Advocacy: One of Victoria’s profound passions is heritage. This passion materialized in her role as Chairman of the British Antique Dealers Association. She believes fervently in the importance of making the UK’s rich heritage and history accessible to the next generation. This includes promoting educational experiences at iconic locations like The Tower of London and fostering STEM learning at institutions such as the Science Museum. Moreover, Victoria champions the preservation of heritage crafts and emphasizes the importance of apprenticeships to ensure that these invaluable skills do not fade with time. She envisions a future where the UK’s historic palaces and venues are accessible to everyone, enriching lives by connecting them with their roots.

In summary, Victoria Borwick’s life is a testament to dedicated service, continuous learning, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Her journey across business and politics serves as an inspiration, demonstrating the profound impact one can have when passion meets purpose.