Creative Women brings together female entrepreneurs and leaders for shared growth and success.

Creative Women is a high-profile networking Platform for shared experiences,
innovation and mentorship by internationally influential women in business.

As a member of Creative Women, you will have no limits.

Dream big, aim high and we will help you to achieve all that you desire.

Gain exclusive access to our like-minded members at extraordinary international venues and network at online and in-person events.

We facilitate introductions to celebrities, decision makers and high-profile leaders who can support you in your business and personal growth.

Creative Women is a powerful female community spread around the world that inspires, supports and empowers each other to become true leaders.

When you join Creative Women, you will get tools and success strategies that will help you build confidence and expand your entire presence.


We offer exciting virtual and live conferences and webinars with world sought after international female entrepreneurs and speakers. Exclusive cultural and business events organised by our own Creative Women Platform and our international partners.


Learn how to use networking to your advantage and find new, meaningful connections.

Creative Women’s networking for women in business service is exceptional as we take a personal approach to connecting you with fascinating female leaders globally.


Email newsletters will inform you about upcoming events and promotions. There are regular digital communication channels to connect with all members.


We are working with international brands offering quality products to our members via competitions and other promotions.


Promote your business alerts to the Creative Women network via multiple channels: WhatsApp, social media groups and email.


We work with world experts in leadership, business, mental health and wellbeing, who create special mentorship programmes for our members.

Including how to help with career development or tips for how to grow your small business.

Learn from Creative Women

Find friends, like-minded colleagues, business partners and mentors
who will guide you through any kind of hurdle or task present in your life.

The Creative Women Platform is unlike any other membership or community.

We will assist you with professional advice on your lifestyle, wellbeing, your communication and presentation skills. Through Creative Women you can focus on your personal growth and transform your interests and hobbies into a profitable business.

With guidance from top business gurus, we will help you organise and declutter your working space and your schedule so that you can focus on what matters most. Plus how to find your work-life balance.

We offer tailor-made health and mentorship programmes and most importantly, we’ll connect you with leading female business leaders from around the world through our extensive international network and our regional directors representing Creative Women.

We value creativity and build our community
with an innovative business approach.


Join the exclusive community today and become
the best version of yourself.



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Access to the global Creative Women female network

£ 245 Annual
  • Access to online CW Magazine
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  • Invitations to monthly online events for free
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  • Get invited to our monthly online events for free
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  • 25% discount at our live events
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  • Free access to newsletters
  • Free access to competitions and promotions
  • Invitations to join monthly Women Circle problem-solving meetings
  • One-on-one meetings with experts
  • Guidance by art and fashion experts in developing creativity and establishing networks
  • Invitations to attend courses in creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Opportunities to speak at chosen CW events
  • Option to be included in CW print and online book

About Creative Women

Creative Women is a high-profile networking platform that facilitates the exchange of experiences, innovative ideas, and mentorship among influential businesswomen on a global scale. Established in 2016 by the accomplished entrepreneur Olga Balakleets, who has a plethora of internationally recognized cultural, business, and humanitarian projects under her belt, the platform boasts an influential advisory board, alongside numerous ambassadors and chairs spanning over 40 countries. It also enjoys the patronage of esteemed female leaders and influencers from across the globe.

The Creative Women Platform orchestrates a comprehensive calendar of both virtual and in-person events worldwide, with its flagship event—the Creative Women Forum in London—serving as the prime arena for female entrepreneurs. Here, they can share valuable tools and strategies for success, engage with industry pioneers, and participate in workshops aimed at broadening their business horizons.

Furthermore, Creative Women is dedicated to supporting young female entrepreneurs who are navigating the complexities of modern-day challenges such as career transitions, launching new business ventures, or managing the demands of their hectic lives. The Creative Women Platform provides a nurturing space for these budding entrepreneurs to connect with innovators, thought leaders, and high-ranking women. These seasoned professionals impart their wisdom, proven strategies, and invaluable experiences, empowering the next generation to cultivate self-belief and ascend to leadership positions within their respective industries.

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