Olga Balakleets

FOUNDER/CEO, CEO of Venus Global Events, Founder/CEO of Theatrum-Vitae Platform

Internationally celebrated as an award-winning concert pianist and a dynamic entrepreneur, Olga Balakleets stands at the forefront of global cultural and philanthropic initiatives. She helms Venus Global Events, a London-based international events company renowned for orchestrating distinguished cultural and philanthropic projects across the globe. Prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, Dubai Opera, and Beijing Concert Hall have played host to numerous events that have not only garnered critical acclaim but also been broadcasted internationally.

Olga’s expertise extends to governmental advisory roles, contributing to the development and refinement of various nations’ cultural and philanthropic programs. In 2016, she founded the Creative Women International Platform, which has since cultivated a strong presence in over 40 countries. This platform is not merely a network but a vibrant community that organizes an annual conference among other prolific activities, all aimed at championing and nurturing successful female entrepreneurs who interweave creativity into their business practices.

A recognized voice in female entrepreneurship, Olga frequently graces international conferences as a speaker and makes notable appearances on global TV channels, contributing valuable insights into cultural and philanthropic discussions. Her writings, focused on similar themes, have found a home in several international publications.

Olga is also the visionary founder of Theatrum Vitae, a multifaceted global venture devised to dissolve barriers and forge unity worldwide through a unique amalgamation of performing and visual arts. This initiative aspires to sculpt a lasting cultural legacy that will permeate generations to come.

In recognition of her exemplary services, Olga has been adorned with various prestigious accolades, including the St. Prince Dmitry Donskoi and St. Sergey Radonezhsky Order, a Medal from “Giornale della Danza,” “The Business Woman of the Year Award,” “The Inspirational Award” at the First Feminine Capital Forum, and most notably, the Pushkin Medal.

Olga’s leadership also permeates the sports and youth development sectors. She holds a position on the steering committee of Football for Peace (FfP), a notable organization that has seen patronage from eminent figures such as Pope Francis, HRH Prince of Wales, and HRH Prince Albert of Monaco. Furthermore, she serves on the Board of Directors of Nicosia Young Ballet and has been welcomed as the Head of the International Department of SIFFA, an organization dedicated to the international advocacy of female football.