Racha Abdrabbo Haffar

Chair of Creative Women in UAE, Managing Director of DeXB, Global Chair of G100 Development Finance Wing

Racha Abdrabbo Haffar started her career in consulting more than 20 years ago. She established MBA Club at AUD during her MBA program in Finance. She focused on supporting graduates to allocate job opportunities in the UAE market. After graduating, she began her coaching career as financial strategist, advising women working in SMEs on growth and sustainability. Landing in Academia in 2014, she started teaching finance in KSU, and decided to pursue her PhD in Financial management. It has significantly added to her experience in the knowledge-building field. She is currently the Managing Director of her own training company (DeXB) that offers digital literacy programs and business strategy courses through EdTech tools. With a cumulative background of economics, finance, and management, Racha has developed comprehensive coaching programs for digital inclusion, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and leadership.
As a true advocate for women empowerment, she joined G100 to become the global Chair of Development Finance Wing. She attended numerous meetings to discuss women empowerment topics (The House of Lords, London 2021, Cascais Global meeting, Portugal, 2022, Paris Peace Forum 5th edition, France, 2022). She participates regularly in Fintech panels and conferences to elaborate on digital financial services and latest AI applications. Further, she volunteers for UNDP as gender expert on women empowerment initiatives and development programs.
Racha speaks 4 languages, and is enthusiastic for sport and art. She lives with her family in Dubai, UAE.