Stephanie Njoku

UK Chartered Trade Mark Attorney, Director, and Founder of Neo Percept IP Intellectual Property Law Firm

Stephanie Njoku is a UK Chartered Trade Mark Attorney, the Director and Founder of Neo Percept IP Intellectual Property Law Firm, established in 2020. With a mission to demystify Intellectual Property (IP) and make the law accessible to startups and small business owners, Stephanie has emerged as a trusted guide in the world of IP protection.

Stephanie’s expertise lies in: helping entrepreneurs understand the intricate landscape of IP encompassing trade marks, copyright, and designs. Her approach is refreshingly straightforward, breaking down complex legal jargon to empower founders with knowledge and confidence. She firmly believes that legal processes should be transparent, approachable, and beneficial to those she serves.

One of Stephanie’s core specialisations is: equipping founders to become funding-ready by strategically aligning their Intellectual Property assets. She offers comprehensive IP reports, allowing investors to gain a clear understanding of the IP landscape, fostering trust and facilitating investment decisions.

Setting her apart from traditional law firms, Stephanie adopts a transparent approach to: billing; offering fixed fees rather than hourly rates. Her dedication to accessibility is evident in her availability and willingness to connect with clients. Stephanie’s love for technology is woven into the fabric of her law firm, embracing video consultations and online proposals to enhance efficiency and convenience.

Stephanie’s passion for bridging the gap between law and technology, coupled with her commitment to simplifying the complexities of Intellectual Property; makes her an invaluable advocate for entrepreneurs and innovators seeking to protect and leverage their intellectual assets.