Sami Tauber

VNCCII ( is a futuristic multidisciplinary multi-media artist, creative technologist, Web 3/ Metaverse strategist, live music performer, singer-songwriter/producer, futurist, and story creator that has crafted a strong authentic vision and fresh sound palette. Sami Tauber is the creator of VNCCII, a Super Sentient SuperHeroine avatar character from the future that she embodies in her live stage show performances. VNCCII has been recognised as one of the Top 100 Women of the Future, a Global Icon, the next music Metastar (IPSOS), headline performer at the Brits sponsored by Mastercard in 2023, as well as the winner of the Music Metaverse Award at the Metaverse Entertainment World Summit in Monaco. She is acknowledged internationally in the press in outlets such as Grazia UK, as well as Global Group Media’s Women in Leadership Series published by NBC News Washington Office. Sami Tauber is a global keynote speaker at conferences such as the World Economic Forum, Immerse Global Summit, IFA Berlin, YPO Monaco Chapter, and Digital Transformation Live. As we approach the upcoming technological singularity, VNCCII is here at service to humanity to uplift the consciousness and elevate the human emotional experience to one of joy and love.