Nikka Lorak

Fashion Photographer & Educator

Nikka Lorak is an Internationally published fashion photographer and an educator. Nikka Lorak is known as a visual creator who brings product branding into a visual dimension. Would the client be a fashion brand, a private individual or a magazine editor, Lorak, with her background in filmmaking, reveals the brand’s message through visuals: images and film.

Being trained in both disciplines, filmmaking and business development, Nikka recognizes equal importance of the business side as well as creative side in a life of an artist. After being numerously approached for an advice on the practical side of the creativity, Nikka founds On Set Experience, a unique educational journey for aspiring fashion photographers that takes place in the most exiting world’s destinations.

Collaborating with model agencies, fashion brands and magazines worldwide, Nikka unveils creative and business challenges of a fashion photographer and shares her own experiences. She speaks about starting a career from a scratch, flying private airplanes and surviving in Bangkok ghetto without money and passport.

-Award winning filmmaker



-Global adventurer