Janina White

British writer, Couch

Janina (Yana) White is a British writer, couch and troubleshooter. She has Master’s Degree in Journalism and Political Sciences as well as a qualification of a Chartered Company Secretary (a professional who works with companies documents) in addition to various linguistic and financial qualifications.

Janina is an author of political / business thriller-crime novels (series “True London crime novels”), to be filmed in 2018, series “England for dummies”, in Russian language.

She also writes non-fiction books such as “10 laws of over-motivation, or how to become a superhero in 10 days”, “Poor Rich Mum”, “Manual for the Lord of the Soul”, “My profession – brainfixer”, “Life without stress” etc. which you can find and buy on www.yanawhite.com. On this website you can find more information on Janina’s coaching services.

Janina has also produced as a co-author a scientific paper with the Nova Science Publishers (New York), in English language, on newest assessment productivity tools in economics.

In 2016 Janina has published a book in Russian language “To buy or not to buy. Покупка недвижимости в Великобритании” which has become an instant bestseller and chosen by Waterstones to be sold via their website and in store. In 2017 the book has been translated in Polish so now the Polish community can learn how to get on a property ladder.

As a troubleshooter Janina deals with complex legal and litigation issues which she sometimes develops as a feature stories in her books and other publications.