Giovana Vega

Founder of Trading for Women and Director of Global Woman Club Amsterdam

Giovana is a Certified Forex Trader, International Motivational Speaker and Money Mindset Strategist who grew up in Peru. Always ready for new adventures and learning new skills, she never hesitates to make decisions and is open to new opportunities.

Back in 1997, Giovana made the move to Holland and had a smooth integration into Netherland’s culture, whilst learning to speak and study bookkeeping in Dutch. After her studies, she found a job in the finance and controlling department for one of a major cacao and coffee trading companies in Amsterdam. Whilst on the job, she started to learn about the financial markets because she realized the abundance of advantages the market offers, and in 2014, she embarked on her journey into the world of trading and investing.

She is also the founder of Trading for Women. Her all business is based in three pillars: money mindset, wealth creation and lifestyle. She helps women to achieve their goals in the trading sector. As such, she is passionate about rousing women to take control of their financial future, and continuously encourages those who are willing that there is no need to be intimidated.

She is also the Regional Director of the Global Woman Club Amsterdam, an international platform that brings together professional women to promote their business, share their inspirational stories, build relationships and seek mutually beneficial collaborations from the rich cultural diversity of women.

She has authored two books, she is the author of the book trading for success, 8 secrets why women are better traders and co-author of the inspirational book Phenomenal Global Woman Club which has been transformed in a documentary film will be released this year by the PBS TV channel – Hollywood. She has been featured in international magazines like Star People from Albania and Global Woman Magazine from London.

As an international speaker she has been talking and inspiring women in different countries from Europe: London, Tirana, Paris, Stockholm, Oslo and she will be sharing the stage with Les Brown is the Global Woman Summit in New York.

In 2016, Giovana completed her training program as a trader of the foreign exchange market and received her certificate at the University Rey Juan Carlos and Forex Duet Academy, Madrid.