Ilenia Lombardi

Chair of Creative Women in Italy, Founding Member of BLS International Network, Vice President of Glawbus

Ilenia is an Italian lawyer holding a law degree from the University of Bologna (Alma Mater Studiorum). After the law degree, Ilenia has obtained a Master Degree in International and EU Taxation law. After having spent a semester in Boston (Massachusetts), she has obtained a Master Degree as Expert in Organization Management and Control Model (Italian Legislative Decree n. 231/2001) and has recently completed the LLM International Commercial Law program with the University of Salford (Manchester).

After having completed the mandatory apprenticeship with different Italian law firms, Ilenia has been involved in representing Italian companies before the Italian civil courts and, mostly, in assisting them in every aspect of international transactions.

Since 2008, Ilenia has been providing assistance to her clients with specific focus on international contracts and commercial law, formation and structuring overseas subsidiaries or unincorporated joint venture, international tax issues, contract management with respect to domestic and international construction contracts.

Starting from 2018, Ilenia has been involved in assisting a client in a multi-million euros construction project in Qatar, that escalated to a multi-million euros international arbitration. Said appointment required traveling to Qatar on a regular basis to assist the clients’ technical team directly onsite.

Ilenia strongly considers that working with a multi-disciplinary as well as an international team represents an essential condition to grant first-level assistance to her clients, which is why she contributed, as a founding associate, to create an international professional association (Glawbus) with legal seat in Belgium, with different professionals that share the same view in terms of professionalism and same values in term of professional ethics.

In fact, Ilenia deeply believes that professional ethics and a fair approach towards the clients and their interests to be preserved represent a prerequisite that a professional person must embody and that shall prevail over any other motive, including the profit perspective.

Ilenia is also passionate about travel and art. In fact, she always tries to include in her trips (whether for business or leisure) some visits to museums or sites of artistic and cultural interest.

The personality that has always fascinated her is Frida Khalo, as an example of strength and sensitivity, who has been able to transform a personal tragedy, in a tumultuous historical context, into a series of art works with extraordinary communicative power.

Ilenia firmly believes that the promotion of art at all levels is an essential action to promote beauty and disseminate grace in a very compromised general context. Moreover, she believes that art is an indispensable instrument to increase attention on topics of considerable social impact, in order to give voice to all those who would be destined to remain in the shadow.