Bella Sovmiz

Business Development Director of Creative Women Conference

Bella is a master of transformation, who has left a decade of financial services behind in order to pursue her creative calling. An experienced top manager in the corporate world had started ‘The Other “F-word”, as a personal diary a little less than a year ago.

A lot has changed since then and Bella is now a published writer, having joined a team that produced a printed magazine in Cyprus, a professional blogger, having secured clients in Cyprus and abroad, as well as a regular contributor to online publications overseas on a wide range of topics.

In 2016, Bella returned to her Alma Matter and founded LIFT Association, which stands for “Ladies in finance today”. This is a professional association that seeks to connect and promote the personal and professional development of women in financial services in Cyprus. Bella is the acting President and continues to promote the association in Cyprus. Bella has created a lot of successful events, such as a season of pro and amateur musical jam sessions in the summer of 2016, professional development seminars and workshops for LIFT Association and fashion shows. In her free time she volunteers for various animal protection organisations and is a member of the board for Global Wellness Day in Cyprus.