Verónica Sosa

Founder of SHE and Business Fit Magazine

Verónica Sosa and her motto “Together is Better ” has come far with her vision of expansion for both her and for those who accompany her on the path of personal development, branding, mentoring and much more. Veronica is a businesswoman multi-awarded businesswoman in different countries, an author and exhibitor of the soul. She is an expert in Smart Associations, Foundress and owner of organizations: Business Fit International, Business Fit Magazine and S.H.E. (Seminar for Hispanic Entrepreneurs). All of these organizations are internationally recognized and with global presence.

Veronica has also shared the stage with some of the most sought and formidable speakers such a Ismael Cala, Viola Edward, Gaby Castellano, Carlos Fraga, Calvin Klein, Vanilla Ice among others. She is a frequent guest to participate in collective books.

She is Venezuelan living in Belgium with her husband and daughter Laura Valentina, 10 years old. “Together is Better” also helps lead all roles in an inspiring way, she and her associates empower women to achieve their goals by achieving balance between body, mind and spirit, fundamental basis for business with purpose.