Valerie Levine

BOARD MEMBER, Chair of Creative Women in Ukraine, Founder Of Eco Green Resources, Imperial Green Capital, Crisis Manager & Head of Strategic Management

Valerie Levine is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for EcoGreen Resources Ltd. Ms Levine has devoted her life to using innovation and technology to unite scientists and bring their ideas to the forefront of business. Under Levine’s leadership, EcoGreen is exploring new technologies for marine power plants, wind energy plants, water purification, innovative building materials, regenerative laser healing equipment and cleaner soil. She is working closely with the top Ukrainian scientists and government.

Valerie is also the Founder of – Oxford Group, a law firm in Kiev specialising in legal support of international investment projects in Ukraine; – Imperial Green Capital LLC., technologies and prototype development within the alternative energy sector and 96V.L Consulting FZE.

On top to that, she is a Co-Founder of several companies – Levine Capital Management, family investment fund which holds stakes in a number of oil and energy groups, and St George’s Club which aims to facilitate and promote the relationship between the City of London and the City of Genoa in order to improve the cultural and business exchange. 

Ms. Levine has over 20 years in the oil and gas industry sector.  Prior to founding EcoGreen in 2014, Ms. Levine opened and headed PLLG’s office in Kiev, Ukraine and Almaty, Kazakhstan, company that specialised in arbitration and dispute resolution in oil & gas and construction sectors. 

From 2004 through 2009, Ms. Levine was on Board of Directors of former FTSE 250 Imperial Energy Corporation Plc. Since 2010, Valerie is an investor and strategic advisor in the international development of DreamHammer, a San Diego-based software company that provides advanced drone management software for military services and civilian government agencies. 

Ms. Levine holds a Masters in Law from the Kiev Institute of Economics and Law, Master in Telecommunication systems and networks from National Technical University of Ukraine, and in 2020 started a PhD in Kharkiv National University of International Affairs: administrative law and process, financial law, information law.