Tao Nadine Baker

Head of Digital Innovation & Founder of Connect.

With over two decades of international banking and consulting experience, Tao Baker brings a wealth of expertise in Innovation, Digital Transformation, and driving impactful change to Permanent TSB. Her impressive career includes collaborations with leading brands in Africa, Europe, and Asia, showcasing her ability to navigate complex global markets.

At Permanent TSB, Tao is a catalyst for innovation, infusing the organization with energy, enthusiasm, and a transformative mindset. Her accomplishments speak volumes about her commitment to fostering creativity and driving the bank’s Innovation Agenda.

Notably, Tao initiated and successfully executed the bank’s inaugural digital wide Innovation Competition, which generated 65 innovative ideas across four key challenges. In 2023, she took the initiative to launch the second Innovation Competition, which received an overwhelming response with over 180 ideas. This remarkable increase underscores the substantial shift in diversity of thought among teams, highlighting Tao’s dedication to cultivating fresh perspectives within the organization.

Beyond her role at Permanent TSB, Tao is also a trailblazer in the realm of wellness, entrepreneurship, and women’s empowerment. As the founder of Connect, a groundbreaking platform, she addresses a crucial need in the professional landscape. Tao recognized that as women progress up the career ladder, they often lose opportunities to support and mentor other women at lower and similar levels. Connect aims to bridge this gap by providing a dynamic space for women to share insights, wellness practices, entrepreneurial wisdom, and lifelong learning. Tao’s commitment to empowering women in their professional journeys underscores her visionary leadership and dedication to making a lasting impact on her community.

Tao’s leadership style is marked by her visionary thinking, boundless passion, and unwavering energy. She thrives in challenging environments and tight deadlines, constantly iterating ideas to drive meaningful change. Her unwavering focus on both customers and employees ensures that everyone is on a digital innovation journey, positioning Permanent TSB as a leader in the industry.

Tao’s commitment to personal and professional growth remains at the forefront of her leadership. Her willingness to step out of her comfort zone and embrace new technologies, partnerships, and community improvement initiatives makes her an inspiring and forward-thinking leader. With her extraordinary vision, passion, and leadership style, we eagerly anticipate another year of groundbreaking and disruptive thinking under Tao’s guidance.