Sandra Hassan

Chair of Creative Women in Central USA, Executive Business Advisor, Strategists and Management Specialist

Sandra has a proven track record of coaching and consulting that exceed her client’s expectations. She excels at building systems and coaching staff inpatient- care. Her extensive hands-on experiences in both dental and medical endeavors give her a solid foundation to coach from.

Sandra started in the Dental Field over 25 years ago and was introduced to fortune methodology which led to her pursuit of coaching.

Her broad-based exposure across multiple disciplines provides valuable background for her clients to benefit from. Her varied involvements include the development of business plans (loans, visas, and or trade engagement), case presentations, sales, accounts receivable management, productivity, staff training, peak performance culture, patient/client care excellence, marketing strategies, cost management, and more.

Sandra is a firm believer in continuous improvement. She attends the University of Houston for continued learning and she graduated from several management programs offered by a national company. She has a hunger for learning and enjoys inspiring people. Sandra has outstanding interpersonal skills and a will to succeed. Sandra’s ability to focus on the issues that will transform your business and her ability to discern the crucial challenges of the business provides an exceptional opportunity for you to reignite your business. Sandra’s skills coupled with many methodologies including Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek’s, Sir Richard Branson, and many more have given her a proven methodology to create a powerful synergistic platform for solutions that work.

Sandra is committed to a hands-on methodology dovetailed with proven / track-tested approaches to ensure the realization of your business goals. Sandra will motivate you as a leader, will utilize her skills, and will involve your entire team to ensure that you are successful in implementing your vision in your valuable business.