Rebeca Riofrio


Rebeca is Director and Chairman for the UK Parliamentary Society for Arts, Fashion & Sports.

She is also the founder of Art in Fusion, a TV Production Company with an audience of 6’100,000 weekly viewers providing content to 35 different countries, as well as a Marketing Manager at the Anglia Ruskin University London.

Ms. Riofrio is also an active member of the Foreign Commonwealth Council in the United Kingdom and an appointed UK Deputy Director for Fashion & Arts for the British Chinese Youth Federation. 

Rebeca has had opportunity to work with luxury brands like Lamborghini – Ferrari – Dolce & Gabbana – to name a few and with designers from all around the world, both in fashion, video and photography. Due to her vast practical knowledge in education, fashion and the arts, Rebeca also evolved as a business mentor to young entrepreneurs and upcoming celebrities. She is a trained counsellor with over 16 years of exposure and experience. 

Rebeca has also produced and directed films that opened up an opportunity to work at the Cannes Film Festival for the last six years and that too with direct accreditation from the Cannes Film Council, through which she has a licence to interview celebrities – movie directors- producers – actors for her TV channel and other media partners. 

Furthermore, Rebeca has been a key contributor to the development of a multi-million-pound company that in 2006 and 2010 was awarded the Queen’s Award for Business and Enterprise. She was hence presented with the award officially by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, at a reception in Buckingham Palace.

Rebeca Riofrio has received several awards throughout her career, and has recently acquired the prestigious Big Ben Award 2018- 2019, received in the House of Lords at Westminster for her outstanding achievement and in recognition of her career in the world of arts, fashion, and education as well as a media publicist and mentor for many young people during 19 years, in February 2019 she received the Outstanding Award given by the government of France for her philanthropic work.