Khawla Alhaidari

Chair of Creative Women in Saudi Arabia, Founder of Essence Mastery, Human Capital Developer, Leadership Coach & Trainer

Founder of Essence Mastery, her journey started at Saudi Aramco, combined with her life experience as an ambitious learner, wife and mother of three, Khawla adapted to cultural changes living in three continents and striving the balance between values and identity. Through her journey, she evolved to become a leadership coach, trainer, and speaker.

Khawla is passionate about serving leaders and mission-driven teams who strive for success and balance amidst the demands of our fast-paced world. With a strong experience in coaching, as a Strategic Interventionist and Coactive Coach to Universities and semi government institutes.

Khawla’s coaching strength lies in building trust by being fully present with her clients in a non-judgmental way. She works by identifying the strengths and also what limits her clients and facilitating a shift in their thinking, emotional response and business behavior to a new empowering level.

Clients describe the coaching meetings as thought-provoking, challenging old assumptions, generating new-perspectives, enhancing their emotional intelligence and supporting their specific Professional Development Plans. The experience is deeply transformative. They describe her as daring, caring, wise and enthusiastic.  

Khawla is an International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC).  She is also a Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC) by The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) a Strategic Intervention Coach from the Robbin’s Madanas Training Institution She holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management from the Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, and Bachelor of Science in Business Management with Honors from The University of West of England, UK. Finally, her mission is to awaken and empower leaders who dare to lead with faith, courage, and responsibility. Her passion is to inspire and connect human beings to themselves and with each other as they embrace their creative power.