Elena Georgiadou

The founder of Luminous Freedom Education™

Elena Georgiadou is the author of the book ‘Unveil your Intimate Self’ – The Secret to Freedom and Extraordinary Living.

She is specialized in personal lifestyle transformation and the new definition of health that embraces body, mind and spirit. Elena is the founder of Luminous Freedom Education™, which is consciousness based and designed to bring the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of human life in perfect balance in order to ”Awaken to a new Self” and experience personal harmony, health and freedom from fear and limitation.

Her signature program ‘’ Journey to the boundless™ ‘’ is designed to help you embark on the journey to freedom and gradually gain full mastery in all aspects of your life as you experience clarity, health and transformation.

After her initial education in the United Kingdom and a successful career in the corporate world, she embarked on her own spiritual journey to find her true identity and understand the mystery of our existence. The journey took her to many countries around the world, exploring nature, religions and cultures. Moreover, she extended her studies in the United States and Australia, in natural healing modalities such as Naturopathy and the Science of life Ayurveda with emphasis in the teachings of ancient traditions and philosophies of the wonderful field of human consciousness and spiritual awakening.

Her work has been deeply influenced by world renowned pioneers in integrative medicine, such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, the late David Simon and other influential thinkers such as Dr Jean Houston, Rupert Spira, Dr. Vinod Verma and others. Their wisdom has inspired her to lay down the road map for self-discovery, vitality and growth.