Dr. Petra Döring

Founder & CEO of MAGNETIX Wellness

Petra Döring is a business woman, jewellery designer, network marketing specialist and business founder with 30 years of experience. In the early 1990’s she successfully founded Cabouchon Ltd., where trendy designs met wonderful jewellery available for everyone.

Schiller International University has awarded Petra Döring with an honorary doctorate in commemoration of her achievements. In 1999, she discovered the positive effect of magnetic jewellery and set foot into the world of wellness products and well-being. Now she spreads magnetic moments of joy all over the world with her magnetic jewellery and wellness brand MAGNETIX Wellness. As a network marketing company, MAGNETIX Wellness has wowed and satisfied many customers and created ten thousands of successful independent consultants throughout the years. And the story continues.

She is currently working on putting the new Well-being section of MAGNETIX Wellness on the market. Despite being a jewellery designer and leading an international company, Petra Döring was inspired by her many experiences and from her everyday work and was able to write three books on the positive effects of magnets. She was born and raised in Germany but her studies soon led her to the United Kingdom where she made her first business experiences. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the world, travelling, meeting new people and learning from their life stories.