Denada Bare Rauch

BOARD MEMBER, Chair of Creative Women in Albenia and Liechtenstein, Co-founder of ADLR investment Fund

Denada Bare Rauch’s journey is a testament to the versatility and resilience of the human spirit. Born and educated in Albania, Denada’s early life was immersed in the arts. After pursuing studies in conducting at the esteemed Tirana Academy of Arts, she took her first professional steps as a journalist and editor of music at the Albanian National Radio Television. Beyond broadcasting, she broadened her journalistic horizons as an editor of art & culture for the newspaper “Our Time.”

However, music wasn’t just a subject of reporting for Denada. She also showcased her artistic flair by composing music, penning lyrics, and gracing various stages to perform at events, festivals, and concerts. But life had a different path in store for her. The allure of the Western World beckoned, and she transitioned from the limelight of classical and pop culture to the strategic world of finance and investment.

Venturing into the DACH region and other selected global locations, Denada concentrated on domains like finance, sustainability, technology, health, real estate, and more. Today, she is recognized as an experienced Investment Managing Director with an impressive record in the investment management sector. Her skills encompass a broad spectrum, from marketing and management to negotiation and entrepreneurship.

Her academic pursuits reflect her multifaceted interests. With an MBA in Management from Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch in Switzerland, Denada further enhanced her expertise by securing three diploma certificates from WIFI, the Institute for Economic Promotion of the Austrian Economic Chambers. She also boasts a postgraduate certificate from the renowned Harvard Business School, particularly from the Institute for Strategies and Competitiveness.

At present, Denada co-founds, shares, and directs ADLR PARTNERS AG, an investment fund based in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. From her early days in the world of arts to her present position in the finance sphere, Denada Bare Rauch’s life story serves as an inspiration, reminding us that it’s never too late to chart a new course and excel in it.