Bee Adamic

Bee Adamic is an inspirational leader in the world of music. She is the CEO and Founder of Liberty Music PR which she launched whilst pregnant back in 2016.

Liberty Music PR is dedicated to helping Artists and Brands connect with their target audience. Creating innovative and engaging campaigns through the power of PR, Radio, Playlisting and Tik Tok.

The agency is made up of 45 true music lovers, most of whom are artists themselves. Mission – to deliver bigger results than the biggest agencies In the world ever could!

She is also the Founder of MAMI – a movement that pushes for change, educates, empowers the next generation of women in music through celebrating mothers who have had children in the music business.

Bee Adamic was invited to do a Ted Talk in June 22 and delivered a talk on Democratizing the Music Industry.

On International Women’s Day in 2022, GymShark featured Bee in their ‘inspirational women’s collection.

Women in CTRL – invited to be a part of 100 women in music to contribute to a report entitled ‘A Seat at the Table’.