Avel Lenttan

BOARD MEMBER, Honorary Ambassador, CEO, InspiredRing and Brand Avel Lenttan

Avel is an international entrepreneur of Slovenian origins. She has over 28 years of experience in Tech Field mostly focusing on digital transformation of medium and large enterprises, mostly on technological innovation cross industries in EMEA and North America, winning various international awards.

Past 15 years she managed issues related to Internet Of Things and industrial traceability as one of the most interesting and dynamic trends in the digital world for years. 

The experience of ‘digital transformation’ has permitted her to drive and see changing impact not only organizational, but economic, and social on organizations.

Her focus is mostly corelated into business strategy with very dynamic, creative, and multidisciplinary approach, looking always for benefits and advantages that have as well environmental arguments which are part of her philosophy and mission. 

Her vocation for continuous research, combined with great curiosity and versatility, has always allowed her to find essential elements able to join different sectors or industry with the aim of renewing and innovating where progress requires it.

Cosmopolitan, a deep connoisseur of different cultures, always passionate about art and design, she gathered inspiration and ideas that led her to seek creative and innovative ideas in the world of luxury jewelry, relying on the skilled hands of Italian goldsmiths. In 2015 she launched an international jewelry design competition in Italy in collaboration with some fashion companies and manufacturers of the goldsmith sector, which had great echo and prominence. After years of study, she decided to unite and merge her great passions, business, technology, and creativity, founding the innovative start-up InspiredRing. 

Her vision is projected to the modernization of the goldsmith, jewelry and watch industry, bringing a contribution thanks to which she combines design, high production, and innovation in the same project. The enhancement of the consumer, the purchase, and the entire production process through the control of the after-market are just some examples. 

This led Avel to the creation of her own brand combining the quality of traditional Italian craftsmanship with the most modern high-tech innovations creating of the first innovative manufacturing in the Hard Luxury sector. In the past year wining over 20 international awards for the video creative communication.