Avel Lenttan

Serial entrepreneur, luxury designer and CEO of Avel Lenttan Jewels

Avel is an international executive and a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of international and multi-disciplinary experience in the tech industry: 9 years with international dot.com, digital media agency (Ogilvy) and tech companies delivering innovative platforms, digital transformation projects and ecommerce services. 8 years leading the development of strategic partnerships in EU & North America. During the last 6 years, also as CEO of Evolvea, Avel contributed to the growth of Gruppo Filippetti, now a major Italian tech player, in some of the most trending tech businesses like IOT and Smart Technologies.

Her competencies range from international business development to digital advertising, ecommerce, digital transformation and strategic management.

Aside of this, Avel is very passionate about design, art and jewels: in 2015, she launched an international contest for jewel designers with the participation of over 300 projects from all over the world. Following this inspiring experience and few years later, Avel aggregated a team of experienced and seasoned managers and partners in the luxury industry and founded her own luxury good tech company. She’s currently ready to launch her first collection and own brand Avel Lenttan Jewels.