Ana Irene Delgado

Former Panama Ambassador to the UK, Ireland and Iceland and Panama, Permanent Representative to the IMO, Elected Panamanian Senator at Panama National Assembly

Legal prodigy Ana Irene Delgado is the youngest former Ambassador of Panama to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Norway, Ireland and Iceland; Panama Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization and Elected Vice President of its Assembly; Member of the Board of Governors of the World Maritime University for 4 consecutive years ; advisor and member of the board to the Franco Panama School in Panama and has been General Manager of the Emporio Radial Ancón, Fabulosa Estéreo, Tropi Q, Power 92 and Radio Ancón. Ana Irene worked as a legal intern in institutions such as the National Immigration Service, Public Registry, Courts of Justice and Prosecutors.

In 2006 she was made Managing Partner in Panama City’s leading law firm SOLENDEG. Delgado runs the firm’s London office and is a conduit between its lawyers in Panama and clients in Europe. She received official visits to the Office from the UK policymakers, including meetings with British Prime Minister David Cameron, Prime Minister Theresa May, Secretary of Homeland Security, Mayor of London, Minister for Economy and Finance, Minister for Trade and various British businessmen. In addition, in 2011she organized the first PANAMA INVEST in London.

Ana Irene is currently working at the Panama National Assembly during this world pandemic, on top to being involved at the Investment Promotion Agency in Panama (PROINVEX), Madrid. Among other responsibilities at the Parliament, she is also working with the unprivileged communities at her constituency.

Ana Irene participates in multiple maritime summits in Oslo, Norway, Athens, Greece, Cape Town, South Africa, among many others.