Viola Edward

Partner | Executive Director

Viola Edward is a Relationship Specialist for Professional Women, Transcultural Psychotherapist and Breathwork pioneer with over 25 years of experience. A leader with individual and corporate clients, Viola also specialises in Professional Training in Breathwork Mentoring, Couple Relationship, Kayana Breathwork for Recovery & Stress Management. She is the co-founder-owner of KAYANA International and author of two books: “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” and “Who Makes the Bed?” and co-author of “Transformation Lessons -ATL Europe”. She also contributed to “The book of Soulful Musings” and “Beyond the boundaries”.

Along her international career path, working as a Psychotherapist & Breathworker, Viola has mentored, coached, counselled or trained over 10000 of people in 20 countries, using her practical methods to unlock their hidden possibilities and achieve their full potential. She speaks English, Spanish and Arabic.

Viola is a multi-award winner and on July 2018, the Academy of Universal Global Peace, under the affiliation of the United Nations, awarded her with a Doctorate Honoris Causa for her humanitarian work and leadership.

Viola has been an immigrant many times in her life. She is Venezuelan with Middle-Eastern origins. In 2003, love moved her to Cyprus, since then Viola has been based in this beautiful Mediterranean Island, where she lives with her husband and business partner Michael de Glanville.

Viola’s deepest wish is to share her passion and work hand in hand with women from all over the world, following her vision of serving and creating together a sustainable community for all.