Viola Edward

PARTNER/EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, CEO of GRIT Academy, President of Red Global de Mentores

Viola started her working life at the age of thirteen when she migrated with her mother and sister from Lebanon to Venezuela. She fed her passion for development and study through home schooling, evening lessons and alternative educational pathways. She has become a multi-awarded personal advisor, transcultural psychotherapist, breathwork mentoring trainer, social entrepreneur and business consultant B.

In 1993, with twenty-one years of experience working in the corporate environment, she renounced her career as a successful marketing manager to follow her dream of becoming a Psychotherapist and Breathwork Trainer. Viola was thirty-four years old when she broke free, pursuing her dream beyond habitual bounds, daring to open her heart, and let the metal of her grit come to the surface. As a result of her studies in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and then Breathwork from founder Leonard Orr, she realized that breath was at the core of every person’s wellbeing, a discovery she was eager to share with others.

She has been pioneering and developing mental health fitness and wellbeing in the workplace since the nineties, bridging the space between breathwork therapy and business management. She now works internationally with individual and corporate clients in a cross pollination between self-development, management, and leadership. As a creative entrepreneur, she is a synergist, developing innovative schemes. She recently introduced breathwork to rehabilitation from addiction, a theme in her life that she successfully overcame.

Viola is a multiple-award winner, including: – Doctorate Honoris Causa, Aspirational Woman and Outstanding Contribution to Mentoring. She is the author of two books: – “Breathing the Rhythm of Success”, “Who Makes the Bed?” and co-author of 8 more.

She is the founder of Feminine Capital Forum. Co-founder/owner of Kayana Consulting, GRIT Academy. The Co-creator of the BQ- Breath Intelligence and Systemic Breathing.

Viola also sits on the boards of several magazines and NGO’s and serves as ambassador for Human Rights and for Gender Equity.

Viola is a woman living a meaningful and loving life. She has been on continuous path of growth, and when sharing a part of her story, she says: “I have been a migrant frequently in my life, recreating myself each time. Exploring, learning, and expanding in a sustainable way has been my passion since 13, when I interrupted my formal schooling and started working for a living. Non-formal education has been and still is my best companion, having led me to the delight of creating teaching spaces which enable people to develop, grow and sustain, individually and in groups”.