Victoria Yanakova

Honorary Ambassador, Cultural Ambassador, Art Collector, Patron of Kostaki Collection (Greece) & OursetFund (UK)

Victoria Yanakova is a private collector, art lover, and wellness-minded woman.

She is a patron of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow, a partner of the Outset Contemporary Art Fund in London and a member of the Board of Kostaki Collection Museum in Thessaloniki. Victoria Yanakova is currently enrolled on a joint Executive Master program in Cultural Leadership with the Royal Academy and Maastricht University. She also holds an MA in Luxury Hospitality Management from the University of West London and an economics degree from the Finance Academy in Moscow. Victoria’s business background lies in the hospitality sector, real estate, media relations and financial journalism.

Victoria said, “I love learning new things and exploring new opportunities in life, so I will be happy to use my international connections to represent Creative Women in the international art community.”