Sara Carty

Drawing upon an extensive career that spans over a decade, Sara is a seasoned marketing strategist specializing in the technology sector. Her expertise traverses diverse industries such as Cybersecurity, Fintech, and HRTech. As the Founder and CEO of Marketbound, a trailblazing startup marketing studio, Sara is at the forefront of supercharging growth for early-stage businesses. 

Before embarking on her Marketbound journey, Sara assumed the role of VP Marketing at Worldr, a dynamic cybersecurity startup. Within this role, she was an integral part of the leadership team, spearheading the creation of the marketing department from its inception. Her efforts were instrumental in securing an impressive $11 million seed round for the company. During her tenure at Worldr, Sara earned several notable accolades, including being recognized as one of VentureBeat’s ‘Top 20 Zero Trust Security Startups.’ Additionally, she secured company guest appearances on SkyNews, and her insights were featured in publications such as Business Insider, Evening Standard, and UKTN. 

Sara’s experience extends across a global landscape, including the UK, US, EMEA, and APAC markets. Notably, she led marketing endeavors in the UK for Stuart, a startup later acquired by DPDGroup, and was involved in orchestrating global partnership initiatives with tech giants like Microsoft, Nike, and SAP. Sara’s visionary approach and hands-on experience make her a distinguished growth expert in the technology sector.