Raluca Ioana Man

Chair of Creative Women in Romania, Founder and CEO of RSEVEN Ltd

Raluca Ioana Man is the founder and CEO of RSEVEN Ltd. 

She has a BSc in International Business, a BSc in Finance & Economics and an MBA Raluca Ioana Man is also the president of the Rotary Club of Nicosia for the year 2021-2022, a member of BPW International and AIPFE Cyprus-Women of Europe. She has +10 years of experience in Branding, Personal Branding & Reputation Management, Marketing and Customized Trainings. 

Raluca is also an accredited Business, Well-Being, NLP, and Emotional Intelligence coach.

RSEVEN LTD has business partnerships in Europe, United Arab Emirates, China, Singapore.

Raluca’s new project, under the umbrella of RSEVEN Ltd is called “BRANDNESS, your tool kit to greatness!”. Through BRANDNESS you get all the necessary tools and techniques that can assist you in achieving excellent balance between your professional and personal life.

BRANDNESS’s motto : “When your work becomes your calling – it’s Life Mastery”. 

Raluca’s latest milestones are the 2 workbooks, Self-leadership and Leadership Mastery.