Princess Ademiluyi Ronke

Founder of Africa Fashion Week London and Africa Fashion Week Nigeria

Royalty born in London to a scion of the royal family, she is the great grand-daughter of the late Ooni Ajagun Ademiluyi, the King of the Ife Kingdom, in South West Nigeria.

Fueled by the lack of retail space, production factories and start-up funds and how it was hindering the growth of the potential billion-dollar African fashion industry, she founded Africa Fashion Week London in 2011 and is on a continuous mission to bring African fashion to the forefront of the global fashion world.

A graduate of Law from Thames Valley University in London, her passion and her brainchild has now acquired global recognition and become an unparalleled platform where over 1000 African and African inspired designers have shown their collection in London.

Under her supervision, organizations like the KwaZulu Natal Fashion Council, The Nigerian Export Promotion Council, The Seychelles Creative Enterprise and The Trade & Investment South Africa have all used the AFWL platform to showcase creative talents from their various countries to the world. This year marks 10 years of her showcasing African fashion designers in London.

Four years after establishing the largest platform that generates awareness and publicity for emerging African designers and creatives, across the African continent and its diaspora. Princess Ronke deepened her impact by creating Africa Fashion Week Nigeria a sister platform to AFWL, that provides opportunities to ingenious African designers and hidden fashion treasures who can’t afford the costs associated with traveling to London to showcase at AFWL.

Her Africa fashion week London platform is the longest running festival in the UK and Europe that supports and promotes emerging African designers, as she believes that for creativity to grow there needs to be a platform that supports and promotes its growth. Her Africa Fashion Week London & Nigeria has collectively showcased over 2000 emerging African designers, giving them a platform to become sustainable brands.

Emerging African designers are always giving testimonies of how her Africa Fashion Week platform has enabled them to become sustainable brands and given them global recognition.

In 2016 she was made the global and cultural ambassador of the Legacy of the Iconic Queen Moremi who was an ancient African feminist, and co-founded the QMA initiative with His Majesty, The King of Ife Kingdom.

The initiative advocates for rights of girls and women and promotes women empowerment in Nigeria and Globally.

Princess Ronke uses the Queen Moremi initiative as her mission work promote female leadership, mentorship and entrepreneurship programs for young ladies, and she provides a cultural exchange program for the winners of the leadership program, providing the young ladies with the opportunities to broaden their knowledge.

In 2017 the 1st winner who is a dental surgeon travelled to the UK. In 2018 the winner travelled to Brazil and the US, she is now an automobile engineer. In 2019 the winner visited Ghana, she is a graduate of English Language and the current winner is studying psychology at the moment.

She also uses the initiative to campaign against trafficking of young women in Nigeria, in 2016 she helped set up a fund that helps with reintegration of young women who have been victims back into the society. Our 1st recipient of the fund was a 21-year-old young lady who returned to Nigeria after being held as a domestic slave for 2 years, the fund enabled her to go to the university of which she graduates in 2021 and set up her own indigenous textile business.

In addition, Ronke is to writing the story of Damilola into a book as a case study to educate young girls out there about the dangers modern day slavery especially young ladies in rural areas who are ignorant of the dangers surrounding it and are lured into this act.