Laura Collins

A groundbreaking executive and creative powerhouse, Laura has cultivated a successful career at the intersection of music, culture, and digital storytelling. With a proven track record in programming strategy, commissioning, development, and production of premium unscripted intellectual property, Laura is at the forefront of innovative content creation for streaming, social, and broadcast platforms.

As a Grammy-nominated and award-winning Executive Producer, Laura has demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for producing world-class, game-changing music and culture content that resonates with audiences worldwide. His/her work has not only shaped the landscape of modern music storytelling but has also established Laura as a key player in the entertainment industry.

Currently serving as the Executive Producer for Warner Music Entertainment’s (WME) production and development division, Laura is responsible for spearheading the creative direction of the company’s acclaimed production house. In this role, Laura has achieved significant milestones, such as transforming the label services team into a highly regarded creative service for WMG, thereby delivering innovative marketing assets that support label marketing campaigns. Highlights of Laura’s tenure at WME include executive producing feature documentaries and live shows, such as Liam Gallagher: Knebworth ’22, Ed Sheeran live for Tik Tok & Amazon, and Coldplay’s ‘Joytopia’ immersive virtual concert for BMW.