Khulan Damba

Chair of Creative Women in Mongolia, Vice President at Mongolyn ALT LLC (MAK), Partner at Hunnu Air and XacBank

Ms Khulan Damba holds the position of Vice President at the conglomerate Mongolyn Alt LLC (MAK) and is a shareholder along with her husband, who is the founder and chairman of the company. MAK was established 30 years ago and has grown to become one of the largest companies in Mongolia, ranking among the top 10 taxpayers alongside major state-owned enterprises. MAK has created over 3,000 jobs and implemented over 100 social responsibility projects and programs.

MAK has converted mineral reserves into profitable businesses, promotes responsible mining practices and in recent years has diversified its operations to include processing and manufacturing businesses, utilizing advanced Euro technologies to establish plants such as the “MAK Euro Block Plant”, “MAK Euro Cement Plant”, “MAK Euro Windoor Plant”, to name just a few.

The conglomerate is shareholder of Hunnu Air (originally launched as Mongolian Airlines), which began scheduled flights in 2011. The airline offers services to Tokyo, Bangkok, Shanghai, Hong Kong and a long-haul direct flight to Paris. Furthermore, MAK is shareholder of the XacBank.

Currently, Ms Khulan Damba leads the Construction Department of MAK, where she has been involved in developing high-end tourism projects for the past 15 years. She has a vision of expanding these projects through a joint aviation business venture with Hunnu Airline. One of Ms Khulans recent accomplishments includes The Ayan Zalaat, a five-star resort that has earned recognition as the world’s leading hotel in Central Asia.

Ms Khulan Damba holds a master’s degree in commerce and mangagement from Lincoln University Canterbury, New Zealand.

Ms Khulan Damba wants to inspire especially young women in Mongolia and around the world to become leaders and assume their responsibility as decision makers in all areas of business and society.