Francesca Bombassei

MENA Regional Manager of Seedstars, Founder of EdTech & Co-Founder, Changemakers

Francesca Bombassei is MENA Regional Manager of Seedstars, a leader in building innovative business communities in emerging markets around the world.

Born in Belgium, Francesca spent a significant part of her life living and working in emerging markets, from Argentina to Egypt passing by Colombia, Lebanon, Morocco, etc. 

After working on public policy and international relations between Europe and the Middle East, Francesca decided to take a leap towards the private sector, and more specifically the entrepreneurial world. Prior to Seedstars, she launched an EdTech venture on the French market and co-founded Changemakers International, a social entrepreneurship education program in Costa Rica.

When joining Seedstars, she started working across 16 countries across the Middle East and North Africa as a VC analyst, screening hundreds of business models and giving training to early-stage startups; she now oversees Seedstars’ activities in MENA. 

She holds a BA from Science Po, an LL.M. from UNINETTUNO and an MSc from King’s College London.