Dragana Čalija

Dragana Čalija is the CEO of Saint D, a software company founded in Serbia in 2013. Despite her software engineering background, her real passion is entrepreneurship. She started her company with limited resources and gradually expanded it. After four successful years, she saw an opportunity in the Serbian market and invested in a startup called “OrderEngine” which caters to distributors and wholesalers.
Due to the success of OrderEngine in Serbia, Dragana moved to London in 2018 and established a new company to introduce it to the UK market. Her idea for OrderEngine helped her secure a talent visa for the UK and a spot in the Global Entrepreneurship Programme. Her achievements have been acknowledged through several awards:
In 2020, she received the Success Flower Award for Best Woman Exporter Entrepreneur from the Association of Business Women in Serbia.
In 2021, she was honored with the "Kosta Mirosavljević" Award for the best female entrepreneur by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vojvodina.
In 2022, she received the Regional Butterfly Innovation Award from the Regional Cooperation Council. 

She also achieved the International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge Foundation Award for Best Entrepreneur in 2022 by iwec.org
Saint D has transformed into a global enterprise, maintaining offices in both Serbia and the UK. With a decade of experience in outsourcing, the company has garnered a diverse clientele worldwide. The team is now spread across three continents, showcasing their international presence and reach.