‘How to save and develop your Business creatively’

11 November 2020


“How to save and develop your Business creatively” webinar focuses on strategic areas important for every business such as reorganising the structure and implementing digital solutions as well as discussing changed demand patterns for products and services across different industries.

Meet international female business owners and top business strategists, who share valuable advice and offer you creative solutions for saving and developing your business.


Welcome speech by a Host Olga Balakleets, CEO of Creative Women.

SPEAKER: Elena Tanou

TOPIC: Reinventing Tourism in Times of Crisis. Flexibly – Creatively – Resourcefully.

SPEAKER: Laura Giadorou Koch

TOPIC: The NEW NORMAL for BUSINESSES: The Caring Economy

The new norm for business to survive and thrive COVID and beyond and become long lasting purposeful enterprise.

SPEAKER: Saskia Harkema

TOPIC:  The way forward: disruptive innovation and renewal. 

Organizations and people need to integrate change into their routines and daily habits, in order to be able to adapt to the continuously changing environment. Entrepreneurs are the engine to initiate this process and should become champions of innovation and renewal. 

SPEAKER: Paloma Lozano

TOPIC: Boosting productivity while preserving work-life balance and avoiding burnout in today’s environment.

Implementing new strategies and solutions to set up a sustainable working culture in the new context.

SPEAKER: Heather Bird

TOPIC: Reinventing your business in the current reality

Heather is talking about focusing on such areas as digital solutions & structural reorganisation and exploring current opportunities to increase demand for businesses.


TOPIC: Creative Communication in a Crisis

Brands need to say what they mean and mean what they say – with humanity at its heart.

Q&A PANEL with the Speakers.

A recording of the Webinar


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