Expert’s Talk online series

Exclusive Talk and Q&A with Dr Filiz Ünsal

22 July 2020


Dr Filiz Ünsal is talking about her experience working at the IMF, current activities of IMF during the crisis and what challenges a woman is facing working in heavily men dominated area.

Also, she’s answering questions during the Q&A session.

The Experts Talk is hosted by Farzana Baduel, Founder & CEO of Curzon PR.


Dr Filiz Ünsal is a senior economist in the Development Macroeconomics Division at the International Monetary Fund, where she has worked since 2009. She received her Ph.D. in Economics, and MSc in Economics and Finance, from the University of York. Dr Ünsal has published articles on monetary and financial sector policies, financial inclusion, and open economy macroeconomics.

She worked previously for the World Bank and was an external lecturer at the University of Vienna.

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