Nahed Eshaq

Chair of Creative Women in Bahrain, Founder, Plan Concepts, Fleurologist and Link Atelier Bahrain

Bahraini businesswoman “Nahed Eshaq” is a multidisciplinary professional and dynamic figure with over 20 years of extensive experience in various fields, including business, art, design, and architecture. She is well known for her contributions to Bahrain’s contemporary art scene.

Here’s a brief overview of Nahed Eshaq:

•She serves as the Creative Director and partner at Plan Properties, where she designed the distinguished investment project District One and its upcoming second phase, “District Two.”

•Alongside her husband, she founded D. Haus specializing in furniture, furnishings, and home decor, bases in Bahrain with branches in Jeddah & Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

•Nahed Eshaq is the founder and owner of the leading floral art brand The Fleurologist,” which brings fresh concepts and a new wave in floral design that elevates the standards of creative designs in this field.

•She established Link Atelier Bahrain,” a gateway to luxury furniture and accessories brands from Italy, France, and more.

•She is the founder and owner of “PLAN Concepts,” a design studio.

•She was a founding partner and former Managing Director of the architectural firm “MGA+C architects,” known for designing the iconic Bank Al Baraka building in Bahrain Bay .

In terms of her public and volunteer work:

•She received the 2023 International Women’s Entrepreneurship Challenge (IWEC) New York award held in Italy.

•Nahed Eshaq served as a board member of the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society in the 2021-2023 term, leading the Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprises Committee.

•Currently, she holds the position of Chair of Bahrain at the Creative Women Platform in London.

Businesswoman Nahed Eshaq also manages her own art gallery, “Art Link,” and she is a supporter of young artists from various artistic backgrounds and communities.

Her hobbies include drawing, designing jewelry, fashion, and horseback riding.

On the personal front, she efficiently manages her business while being a wife and mother of two boys and one girl.