Carolina Tinoco

Cross disciplinary creative practice as an architect, designer, curator & communicator focused in sustainable & holistic projects.

“I have been working as an integral designer in different areas. I aim to enhance the quality of life through conscious creation and purposeful design with an artistic dimension.”

Carolina was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She graduated as an Architect at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and specialization in Sustainable Architecture and Infrastructures of the Future. She has been recognized around the world because of her multidisciplinary projects.

Carolina’s skillfulness has brought her to experiment in different areas by blending architecture, design, events , education and arts. She has a unique style of design, a playful methodology that co-exists with her relentless search for the transformation of the “ugly into beautiful” and “useless into useful”. Reinvention , reconstruction , regeneration have been the core of her professional and personal life. 

Carolina is an insatiable change-maker, forward thinker, promoter and communicator of original and collective ideas through various means. 

She has not only participated but also worked as the curator of several contemporary architectural, design and artistic exhibitions.

From 1993 to 2002 in her home town Caracas , she was part of the design team of the Urban Physical Up-Grading Program of the “barrios” for 10 years. This program included: urban design, infrastructure and community equipments, as well as community empowerment and reuse -upcycling as a survival tool to construct. 

From 1997 -1999 Carolina founded and directed LOCAL, a space created for pioneering artists in Contemporary Art in Venezuela.

From 2002 -2012 she founded and directed Barbarella , interior , furniture design and event-planning company which provided Eco designed furniture and ephemeral decor that also integrating various creative disciplines.

Always concerned about the growing poverty, waste and deficiency, in 2005 Carolina embarked on a new challenge to create awareness of the social and environmental changes. Therefore, she founded the non-profit organization ECODAR 3, designing and offering educational programs for public and private sectors that included sustainable and social strategies and design, art  and wellbeing solutions throughout the 3 r’s reducing, reusing and recycling. 

In 2014, Carolina moved to Paris and works as a creative and curator , writer, consultant in different projects about the future and sustainable design. Her work was labeled on the same year as an “ethical dimension of design” at the first US group exhibition for Latin American design “New Territories: Laboratories for Design, Craft and Art in Latin America” (MAD Museum of Arts & Design; New York). In 2016 , her team won the competition “Les sites artistiques temporaires” for her project CASE around travel and upcycling (Paris).

In 2017, Carolina was the curator of the successful exhibition Nouvelles Vies (VIA, Paris), chosen to be part of the international committee for the touring exhibition of

 No Taste For Bad Taste. In 2019-20 she was part of the team leading the research, selection and interviews of ”Disruption towards a sustainable Design” for the prestigious Le French Design by VIA in Paris.

Today, Carolina is working on a Hub platform for the “Cross-fertilization of creative and sustainable projects” with a holistic approach with a focus on women working in creative fields such as art, design,  craftsmanship communities around the world with a broader, cross-disciplinary approach to creative expression.