The Creative Women Platform has been set up to support female entrepreneurs from around the world who crave a deeper connection, rich content from lead speakers, forward-thinking conversations, and hands-on workshops.

Joining the Creative Women Platform is the perfect opportunity to rethink business and creativity with influential minds and thinkers.


Creative Women exists to motivate and inspire women from all walks of life to help them lead, start, and drive their businesses. The annual conference is designed to provide a networking platform for female leaders and entrepreneurs to think bigger for themselves and their businesses by expanding the creative mindset. It’s an opportunity to make lifelong connections, interact with stimulating masterminds, participate in discussions, work on your big vision, and learn real-world strategies and applications.

Why Choose US?

We’ll make your next celebration very special!

Start building your creative network

Increase chances of referrals and business

Access to the Women’s Creative group to network and forum trustworthy connections

Join a community of multi-cultural professional women

Get inspired, brainstorm, and interact with some truly fabulous women


Being creative enables us to turn new ideas into reality. We all use creativity in our work, whether it is in the sphere of arts, media, business, education, medicine or politics. Creativity happens when we look at something from a completely new perspective. It doesn’t happen if we are tired, stressed and uninspired. This conference will train our ‘creative muscle’ through a tailored set of topics and activities, and attendees will get a chance to meet other amazing women, hear their stories and ideas, and learn to think outside the box.