Julia Castelli

Life Coach, Public Speaker and Mentor. Founder and Director of Julia Castelli Lifestyle Management.

Julia Castelli, is a 20+ year entrepreneur, and founder of Julia Castelli Lifestyle Management.

She is a Jewellery and Luxury Industry professional with extensive international experience in management, sales, promotion and driving growth for different top brands as well as having invaluable experience of running her own business (since 2007).  Julia has established relationships with key-players in the jewellery and other luxury industries, and assist clients to find high-end jewellery and loose rare gemstones at competitive prices, as personal purchases, gifts or investment opportunities.

Her experience includes, among other things, assisting collectors and private clients in connection with the search for and/or purchases of red, green, blue and pink diamonds, as well as a rare D flawless over 100 carats diamonds.

She also has vast experience and connections with industries such as Jewellery Sourcing and Bespoke Orders, Haute Couture Commissions & Ready-To-Wear Purchases, International Property Search, Arts, Aircraft/Yacht Purchase/Hire, and others.

During the most recent global pandemic, she launched her new business and long-time passion of coaching and mentoring.   Now as Julia Castelli Coaching and Mentoring, she is currently booked on multiple speaking platforms internationally and in three languages. Julia shares the secrets and strategies of how she has achieved her beautiful lifestyle.

Julia has a Master’s degree in Economics.