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Nutrition and food habits

24 August 2021

Wellbeing and increased energy levels are the gifts that most of us take for granted. It means when we get emotionally and physically depleted, we start losing concentration, focus, and self-love.

Having a nutritious diet helps to maintain your immune system, improves your wellbeing, and gives you energy, among other benefits.

Jules Francis, Food Breakthrough Coach, and Anna Cortesi, Certified Dietitian, Clinical Nutritionist, and the Editor in Chief of Healthy Woman Magazine in London, talk about vegetarian nutrition and why we should shift to a plant-based diet as well as about creating healthy habits whilst working from home.

Our speakers

Jules Francis, Food Breakthrough Coach, is the go-to-expert for career-driven women who are looking to find freedom with food and eating. She has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life to help them understand the underlying causes of why they over-indulge in food they know is bad for them and do it anyway.

With three decades of experience working professionally with people from all walks of life, Jules has the insight and experience to see what truly underpins low confidence and how people often choose compensating behaviours to deal with it.

Jules is an international speaker, a multi-award winning health coach and co-author of a best selling book on Confidence – how to have it and how to keep it.

Anna Cortesi is the Editor in Chief of Healthy Woman Magazine in London. She is a Certified Dietitian, Clinical Nutritionist, Wellness Influencer and Blogger of The Balanced Life awarded nutrition blog.

Her first company, Cortesi Nutrition is a world-class Wellness & Nutrition hub which aims to upgrade the everyday lifestyle of its clients worldwide. Anna is an internationally recognized expert, with experience in the various roles of human nutrition, wellness, food design and technology.

She is passionate about Health and Wellness and she has been featured in national and local media, including Buzzfeed, Time Out Dubai, Healthy Life, Nutrition by HRM, Entrepreneur Magazine, Global Woman Magazine and many more.

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Experts Talk - recording

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Event’s Programme

Speeches from Anna Cortesi and Jules Francis.

Q&A session – Anna and Jules are answering questions from the audience.

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