EXPERTS TALK with Q&A session

Burnout. Work-life balance.

22 September 2021

Creative Women experts are talking on the subject of ‘Burnout. Work-life balance’.

If you are overly tired, emotionally spent, and often irritable, you may be experiencing symptoms of Burnout syndrome, recognized by The World Health Organization in 2019.

Burnout involves emotional exhaustion, depletion of energy & efficacy, and feelings of inadequacy at work or in one’s personal life. Three in four people are said to be struggling with Burnout at the moment, due to longer working hours and higher stress levels, in response to the pandemic.

This is exasperated by the fact that a lot of people are still struggling to cope with the work-life balance. Having to juggle working from home and looking after their families all at once. Signs that you are experiencing Burnout include heightened feelings of guilt, irritability, forgetfulness, an inability to find the light or joke in social situations all eventually leading to self-punishment and the worry of being stuck in this vicious cycle.

There are ways to deal with Burnout. Join us at this event and get tips on finding your work-life balance!

Our speakers

Farah Shammas, is the Managing Director of the five star St Raphael Resort and Marina where she oversees the whole resort which stands in 43,000 sqm of landscaped gardens on a beautiful Blue Flag beach. The Resort includes a 237 berth private port of entry marina, many conference facilities, an award winning spa and 7 restaurants including Cyprus’ first vegan hotel and beach restaurant. The Resort also has a luxury residential Tower with exclusive facilities.

A University of Birmingham (BA (hons) in Classical Literature and Civilization) and University of Surrey (MSc in Tourism Marketing) graduate, she also obtained a certification in Plant-based Nutrition from eCornell and T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. She has also been a speaker in many international conferences talking about women empowerment, tourism and veganism among other subjects.

A wife and mother of three, Farah is also an active vegan and has the platform ‘Cook Vegan’ (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) where she aims to encourage a healthier and more sustainable way of living for all.

Adi Eckhouse

Before becoming the co-founder and CEO of Spotlight/Deeda:DO, a tech company that’s changing how people interact by creating a new way to consume holograms and 3D media in the homes of consumers, that started at Disney, where a passionate team of innovators imagined a technology that could bring the magic of Disney theme parks to life in a guest’s own living room. The vision was personalized, visual characters and immersive experiences in 360 degrees, that would transform home entertainment for families and friends.

Adi was the co-founder and CEO of RealFace, a startup company specializing in mobile authentication products using revolutionary face recognition and liveness algorithms. RealFace was acquired in 2017 by Apple.
In the years before founding Realface, Adi was the VP of Marketing and Business Development at Syneron Beauty and was part of the founding team within Syneron Medical (Nasdaq: ELOS) to open the Home-Use device unit, that later was acquired by Unilever.

Adi is a marketing executive that started her career in brand management at Procter & Gamble.
She holds an MBA from Columbia University and a B.Sc. in Computer Science (graduate of the Zell entrepreneurship program) from IDC Herzliya and was also the captain of the IDC Chess team.

WHY attend

  • Learn from the experts – get tips and insights on work-life balance with examples from our experts’ practices.
  • We will talk about challenges women face when attempting to balance their lives.

  • Learn about pandemic work and pandemic motherhood – how never leaving the office and never leaving home can just burn you out – and what your actions should be to get out of this vicious circle.
  • The experts will be sharing their personal experience – what got them through – step by step. 

  • Get a chance to ask the experts your question at a Q&A session in the end of the event.

Experts Talk

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  • Access to the webinar recording

Event’s Programme

Speeches from Farah Shammas and Adi Eckhouse.

Q&A session.

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