Friday 4 May 2018 – Day 1

Morning yoga class – Roxana Tismanaru 

Welcome – Opening Ceremony

How to influence people – Farzana Baduel

Brave girls and technology – Adi Eckhouse Barzilai

Women’s work in the men’s world – Qi Yu

Panel discussion – Women are claiming centre stage (Finance/Business section) 
Q & A with panellists: Qi Yu, Anna Zavou-Christophorou, Anna Homenko, Valeria Michael

Spotlight: The secret to being a successful female entrepreneur – Radhika Seth


The lessons we should learn from women thriving in the Arab world – Amal Daragmeh Masri

The role of women in building a nation brand equity – Lamia Kamel

Life adversities and new possibilities – Rebeca Riofrio

Q & A session with film director Martha Fiennes: The creative process for the female film director and the question of trust in the vision. Interviewed by Marina Vryonidou